Why London


London has one of the biggest stages on earth, being a cultural epicenter of global finance, theatre, commerce, fashion, arts and education. London truly is a gateway city. Even though London is the most visited city in the world, the spiritual needs are great. The city is filled with people, yet most individuals feel isolated. They want to belong.

London is at a pivotal moment in its history. The intersection of an increasingly secularized culture and an immigrant community representing the faiths of their places of origin. We believe being in London at this time presents an awesome opportunity to invite others to know Jesus and grow in a relationship with him.

Our family’s focus is on inviting people into community and building relationships. We believe in a “come as you are” way of inviting others in and open our home to be safe place to just be. We serve with St. Luke’s in helping with welcome, bringing up leaders and discipling the next generation. We want to love the world through London, one life at a time.

the partnership

We are a unique partnership with Nairobi Chapel, in Kenya, and Grace Church, in Indiana, and St. Luke’s, in London. We are partnering to do together what we could not do on our own—to establish a multicultural church in London.