We Believe as a Family

Each person is unique, created as a masterpiece to do amazing things in this world.

We want to help individuals see themselves as unique as God has created them

and help launch them into the world to make an impact.

Why London

London has one of the biggest stages on earth, being a cultural epicenter of global finance, theatre,

commerce, fashion, arts and education. London truly is a gateway city.

Even though London is the most visited city in the world, the spiritual needs are great.


London is a historic, cultural city filled with people searching for fulfillment in life. They are in a city that offers so much, yet continue to look for something missing in their lives. We need your help to reach them, to love them, introduce them to Jesus and help them walk into a relationship with him.

What is the latest.

One Year of Yeses

After just over a year, we call London home. We’re not sure when the switch of calling Indiana home, and now referring to London as home happened, but it did. It’s not an easy switch […]

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