Why London


London is filled with over 11 million people in the city, however, in the midst of all these people there is isolation, hatred, injustice and pain. London has a population with 1% attending any kind of church service. We believe being in London at this time presents an awesome opportunity to invite others to know Jesus and grow in a relationship with him.

Our family wants each person to know they are unique, created as a masterpiece to do amazing things in this world. We want individuals to deeply know God's light and love in London. God has called our family to do this in London, to bring love to those feeling isolated, dealing with pain, hatred and injustice and to launch others out to find their unique ways of reaching these areas.

Our family’s focus is on inviting people into community and building relationships. We believe in a “come as you are” way of inviting others in and open our home to be a safe place to just be. Our family is passionate about welcoming others in, bringing up young leaders and discipling the next generation. We want to love the world through London, one life at a time.