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London is a historic, cultural city filled with young people searching for fulfilment in life. They are in a city that offers so much, yet continue to look for something missing in their lives. We need your help to reach these young adults, to love them, introduce them to Jesus and help them walk into a relationship with him. We have seen how the younger generation can impact so many generations below and above them. Our hearts desire for them to understand how they are uniquely created by God and how he wants to use them to further his kingdom.

We have volunteered with high school and college students for over a decade and have had the privilege of mentoring many students. We have seen how being part of a student’s life can help them wade through transitions, impact their families, step into areas of injustice and take off with a passion for Jesus into the next stage of life. In our first two years in London, we have seen how God has opened up relationships for us to help guide and mentor the younger generation. We are excited for this to continue and to expand our reach with this generation.

One way we can reach this community is through the arts. We have used our art business to connect with others in London and all over the UK. We hope to expand this more to be in the markets, within businesses and the universities. Being in these spaces will help us to create relationships and a new kind of community atmosphere.

Help us love the people in London, young adults, the arts community and so many more, and help them move into what God has called them to do!

HERE ARE ways you can help


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Help connect us to find others who would love to know more about what we are doing in London and might want to be involved with support.


Have resources or time that you think would be helpful in this journey? Please let us know.


We live in one of the world’s most expensive cities and raise support for our salary as we serve in London. We are looking for monthly givers for our family’s sustainability, but anything helps. Reliant mission is the mission agency that is our hub between us and the donors that support our work. We would love to talk with you to tell you more, or if you are ready to join our team, please click below.