About us

This is our story. It really is simple. We felt a nudge from God, stepped into that nudge and it has continued to unfold from there. God slowly opened up our hearts to jump in feet first, move to London, England, live there for two years serving and be open to continuing to serve long term in the city. Maybe it would have made more sense as a young couple but instead we’ve taken three kids along on the journey, because when God calls you to do something, it means your family too.

Our journey started in London in 2016 with being part of a local church community. Patrick served at the church as the Communications Director and Welcome Pastor alongside a team from England, Kenya and the United States. During this time Maya began mentoring and discipling young woman as well as finding creative ways to reach out to the community in their neighborhood. Patrick and Maya began a small group focused on preparing young, engaged couples for marriage. It was so rewarding to see how God strengthened their relationships as they stepped into marriage. We also saw our children grow so much during the first two years! They were amazing at making new friends, stepping into a new school atmosphere and truly being part of loving others in the city.

The first two years in London helped us understand the cultural context and begin establishing relationships throughout the city. As the end of our two years neared, we felt God asking us to be open to being in London longer-term to serve. We entered our furlough time in a stage of unknown and praying for God to reveal what was next for our family in London. Along came the opportunity to partner with Greater Europe Mission and a local church!

We will serve as the Community Pastors with St Albans Fulham in helping in all things relationship based to help strengthen and grow the community. We will do this by reaching young adults, introducing them to Jesus, growing them in their walk with Jesus, helping empower them to step into leadership in and outside the church and helping couples prepare and strengthen their marriages.


Patrick is an illustrator/designer who uses different mediums to share God’s love. He is passionate about people understanding their importance to God and that they are loved beyond anything they can imagine. Patrick loves mentoring the younger generation to help them step into their gifting fully.


Maya uses her business, Laurent Collective, to help spread encouragement to others. She loves using her creative side in marketing and communications. She’s also passionate about empowering women of all ages to see their beauty wildly and know they’re a masterpiece God created. Maya has a heart for mentoring and discipling younger women.


Our family loves exploring together with simple walks in the woods to checking out a new city. Reading and art are a huge part of our everyday family activities and it’s pretty common to see one of our kids with marker stains on their hands (or on their faces). Our three kids Zane, Jude and Veda couldn’t be any more different from one another and we love their uniqueness.